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Hamburg Süd Reiseagentur G.m.b.H., a subsidiary of the Hamburg Süd shipping line, which is a member of the Maersk Group, has been specialising in freighter voyages for more than 50 years. Having won multiple awards and as an ISO-certified company, Hamburg Süd Reiseagentur G.m.b.H. is rated as North Germany’s largest travel agency and is the biggest German provider of freighter cruises worldwide on more than 100 freighters operated by prestigious shipping lines. Our freighter cruises take you to northern Europe, the Mediterranean and South Africa, the east and west coast of the US, to the Caribbean and Central America or the east and west coast of South America, to Asia, Australia and New Zealand or to the South Seas.

Apart from our freighter cruises we offer a wide range of additional services such as flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. for your trip. Our dedicated and highly motivated freighter cruise team is there to assist you with their many years of experience by providing advice tailor-made to your needs.


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Special Offer: Polynesia Cruise in Marquesas

Travelling with a freighter from Tahiti to Fakarava, Ua Ou, Nuku Hiva, Hiva Oa, Fatu Hiva, Tahuata, Ua Huka, Rangiroa and back to Papeete - an unforgettable adventure cruise!

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Hamburg- Australia

Hamburg,   Rotterdam,   Le Havre,   Fos sur Mer,   Genoa,   Damietta,   Suez Canal,   Pointe de Galets,   Fremantle,   Melbourne,   Sydney,   Adelaide,   Singapore,   Chennai,   Colombo,   Cochin,   Damietta,   Piraeus,   Malta,   London Gateway,   Hamburg,
Passage Nr.: HSR-6-11a

from € 90,- / day
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Mediterranean - USA East coast

Genoa,   Fos sur Mer,   Barcelona,   Valencia,   New York,   Norfolk,   Savannah,   Miami,   Algeciras,   Malta,   Salerno,   Leghorn,   Genoa,
Passage Nr.: HSR-3-07

from € 122,- / day
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USA & South Pacific via Panama

Rotterdam,   Dunkirk,   Le Havre,   New York,   Savannah,   Kingston,   Cartagena,   Papeete,   Noumea,   Sydney,   Melbourne,   Tauranga,   Napier,   Lyttelton,   Manzanillo,   Savannah,   Philadelphia,   Tilbury,   Rotterdam,
Passage Nr.: HSR-6-05

from € 100,- / day
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Mediterranean - South America east coast

Barcelona,   Valencia,   Algeciras,   Tangier,   Salvador,   Itaguai,   Santos,   Itapoa,   Buenos Aires,   Rio Grande,   Itajai,   Itapoa,   Santos,   Itaguai,   Tangier,   Algeciras,   Tangier,   Malta,   Genoa,   Barcelona,
Passage Nr.: HSR-4-04

from € 101,- / day
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Asia - South America east coast

Singapore,   Hong Kong,   Shanghai,   Ningpo,   Yantian,   Hong Kong,   Singapore,   Itaguai,   Santos,   Paranagua,   Navegantes,   Montevideo,   Buenos Aires,   Rio Grande,   Navegantes,   Paranagua,   Santos,   Singapore,
Passage Nr.: HSR-4-01

from € 111,- / day
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